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March 25, 2019
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May 31, 2019
transvaginal mesh

Transvaginal mesh is a synthetic net-like medical device that provides extra support to repair weakened or damaged internal tissue. It is known as ‘transvaginal’ mesh as it is implanted in a surgical procedure which is done through the vagina. Transvaginal mesh is also commonly referred to as tape, sling, ribbon or hammock. It is intended to be permanent and may not be able to be removed completely if complications arise.

While many women who have transvaginal mesh experience no difficulties, thousands of them have actually complained about serious health effects.

Complications may range from gentle discomfort to debilitating hurt, including:

  • irregular vaginal bleeding or discharge
  • bladder and bowel problems such as incontinence and infection
  • constant prickling feeling or sharp wounding pain in the vagina
  • pelvic pain or swelling
  • discomfort during sex
  • abdominal, buttock or leg pain

Due to the high complication risk, the FDA has re-classified transvaginal mesh used to treat POP as a high-risk device. The classification does not, however, is applicable to the vaginal mesh used to repair SUI. Although, many surgeons have stopped using vaginal mesh altogether because of the risks involved, there are still many doctors who prefer this device.

There are other safer alternatives to synthetic mesh, such as biological mesh, and the patients should be given a chance to consider before the decision is made to use synthetic materials.

Once the mesh is implanted, it is very difficult to remove. Even after multiple removal surgeries, doctors are sometimes unable to remove all of the mesh, which by that point has become infused with the surrounding tissue, causing life-altering health issues.

The main manufacturing companies accused in this lawsuits are:

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • American Medical Systems (now a unit of Endo Pharmaceuticals)
  • Boston Scientific
  • R. Bard

All these companies have been accused of concealing the side effects linked with these mesh implants.

If you are a woman over 40 and have been wrongfully affected by the complications of a defective mesh implant, get in touch with the team of Visit or dial 1(855) 631-2137 to get a free and legal evaluation of your case.

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