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Do you need help understanding the legal aspects of filing a mesh lawsuit? Our transvaginal mesh lawyers can answer all of your questions about mesh lawsuits and settlements. Here are explanations for some FAQs:


1Do I qualify for filing a mesh lawsuit?
Women who have suffered specific mesh injuries have a right to file a mesh lawsuit. Some of the factors include damaged organs, chronic infections, multiple revision surgeries, pain during sex, recurring POP or SUI.
2Why would I file a mesh lawsuit?
Transvaginal mesh devices have resulted in serious injuries, frequently requiring multiple revision surgeries that do not always correct the problems. Surgeries, which increase the risk for infections and pelvic damage, contribute additional physical, emotional and financial strain to the lives of women who have already suffered extensively. Even though many women still need to cope with permanent injuries after a vaginal mesh or bladder sling surgery, compensation may help with medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering.
3Do I have a limited time for filing a mesh lawsuit?
Yes. This period, called the “statute of limitations,” varies in each state. For some, the restriction is 1 year, whereas others allow up to 4 years. Transvaginal mesh lawyers can inform you of the requirements in your state, so you can seek compensation for damages in time. Laws in different states limit the time for filing a complaint about mesh complications. The restrictions range from 1 to 4 years, so it is important to take legal action immediately.
4How much could I be compensated?
Compensation varies in each case, based on the individual's circumstances. However, several juries have already decided to award several million dollars to women who have suffered mesh injuries. Some cases also involved punitive damages for manufacturers who sold mesh products without completely informing physicians and patients about the risks.
5Why would I be awarded a settlement?
Some companies producing mesh devices have already recalled their own devices. They recognize the harm that these products have caused and often opt to settle a case before it goes to court, which can increase the manufacturers' losses.
6Can I join a class-action mesh lawsuit?
This option is currently not available.This type of lawsuit is usually not filed in personal injury and defective medical device cases. Individual lawsuits are filed, and sometimes similar ones are consolidated in multidistrict litigation.
7I always thought it was expensive to file a claim, is it?
Our transvaginal mesh lawyers generally do not collect any fees until a favorable verdict or settlement is reached. We offer a free, confidential legal consultation.
8Should I trust your law firm?
During a free consultation, our compassionate transvaginal mesh lawyers hold your personal information in the strictest confidence. We are not paid for our time working on your case until a favorable verdict or settlement is reached.

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