Why vaginal mesh complications have always been in news?

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June 21, 2016
transvaginal mesh complications
Overall idea of transvaginal mesh complications
March 25, 2019
transvaginal mesh implant

Hundreds of women suffer from pelvic floor disorder and the most likely form of treatment is that involving transvaginal mesh. Unfortunately, there have been plenty of adverse reports associated with the mesh implant which led to life threatening complications for those patients.

transvaginal mesh implant

Let us have a look at the two major health conditions that need transvaginal mesh implant treatment. Both these conditions are pretty much common and have been associated with all the vaginal mesh news.

Pelvic organ prolapse

POP occurs when the pelvic organs get weakened and that happens mainly because of age or post child birth. Stretching of these weakened muscles can cause the pelvic organs such as uterus or bladder to fall out of the place.

Stress urinary incontinence

SUI is a condition which occurs when physical movement causes the release of urine, involuntarily. Activities such as laughing, sneezing or jogging can lead to the ‘little accident’ due to weakened sphincter muscles or pelvic muscles.

Mesh complications

The following complications have been most commonly reported by the victims of defective implant. All the discussed complications found its way in the vaginal mesh news. Unfortunately, the companies continued selling their product even when the reports were regularly submitted to the FDA about the adversities linked with the implants. The complexities include:

  • Erosion through vaginal wall or the neighboring soft tissues
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Organ perforation which might occur from mesh erosion
  • Chronic infection in the area of the implant
  • Vaginal shrinkage from mesh contraction
  • Scar tissue development in the vaginal area
  • Chronic pain in pelvic or abdominal organs from nerve damage
  • Emotional distress from this undue health issues and regular need for treatment

What are the major symptoms of a faulty implant?

  • Vaginal symptoms – vaginal bleeding, vaginal pain, abnormal fluid discharge, painful intercourse
  • Bladder symptoms – difficulty in urinating, blood in urine, urinary frequency or urgency, recurrent urinary tract infections
  • Abdominal symptoms – abdominal pain, pain during any form of physical movement, inflammation and swelling

Has transvaginal mesh been recalled by the FDA?

If you have been following the vaginal mesh news, one should know how thousands of negative reports have been submitted to the FDA about these meshes. They not only included the above mentioned complications but also led to fatal consequences in some patients. The FDA has strengthened warnings multiple times and stated that it requires additional safety studies before the companies can continue to manufacture and market the devices.

TVM lawsuit

Both the victim and their spouses can claim for the following in their lawsuits:

  • Compensation for the pain and suffering from the mesh implant
  • Compensation for loss of wages or reduced ability to earn
  • Loss of marital relations (consortium)
  • Penalty for unnecessary decreased value of life

Mesh actions

  • Boston Scientific Mesh Lawsuits

As of May 2018, there are more than 48,000 lawsuits in federal and state courts accusing the manufacturer of its synthetic mesh implants.

  • Ethicon Lawsuits

Subjected to thousands of TVM lawsuits, it has the most number of sales figure than any other company. Victims can file for lawsuits based on the level of health complications.

  • Bard Mesh Lawsuits

It has been named as a major defendant in tens of thousands of vaginal mesh implant. Till date, it has paid more than $200 million in settlements.

The traumatic experience from defective transvaginal mesh implant has cost lives of thousands of women. If you want to understand whether your case is eligible for financial compensation, get in touch with the team of Meshlawsuitsettlements.com. Visit http://meshlawsuitsettlements.com/ or dial 1(855) 631-2137.

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